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A Killer App takes Best Original Monster prize at Shockfest Film Festival 2010!

monster character award - shockfest 2010Although there were several high budget Hollywood short films in competition, the $300 short film A Killer App received perhaps the most relevant prize at an awards ceremony centered on creature films – the Best Original Monster Creation prize for the reanimated girlfriend “Jewel” – controlled by a mobile phone app – portrayed in the film by actress Aimee Lynn Chadwick, created and written by Keram Malicki-Sanchez and with special effects makeup by Dania Simental.

Adding to the intrigue and legend of the inventive but very relevant-to-the-times character was the exceptional poster art by designer Erin Best Les-Pierre and photographer Jessica Marshall-Gardiner.

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  1. Elvira says

    Congratulations!!!!! Well deserved award. One more of many to come for this very talented cast and crew.

    Keram Malicki-Sanchez, is an extremely creative multi-disciplinary artist who takes risks and shines in every project he undertakes, be it as an actor, musician, composer, writer, director, producer…..

    Aimee Lyn Chadwick, loved by the camera, shines on screen, as she is a very versatile actor who can go, in a blink of an eye from a young Alice in Wonderland to a nasty little _____ -deserving of what she gets in Killer Apps.

    Keram always manages to bring into his projects and work with highly creative artistic and technical teams. Thus, I am not surprised if his/their work goes viral any time soon.

    Keep those projects coming

  2. Mila & John Watts says

    Keram Malicki-Sanchez is a genius in creativity. Keep your eye on this talented man. He has been involved in the arts for a long time and will most defintely reach great heights.
    Mila & John

  3. Carmen Hortensia says

    Keram Malicki-Sanchez ha demostrado desde muy tierna edad grandes cualidades para la música y la actuación es por eso que hoy una vez mas recibe un merecido homenaje a su creatividad y talento, aunque esta vez lo hace en su nueva faceta como director y productor. Felicitaciones, sigue adelante y que Dios te bendiga siempre.